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The project

The Schools’ Energy Co-op (SEC) is an ethical, community based social enterprise which provides an exciting opportunity for you to invest in a co-operative which will install and operate solar panels on the roofs of schools throughout England.

SEC is already trading profitably and has already successfully installed 380kW of solar arrays on five schools in East Sussex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Essex, with a further 30kW currently in the process of construction at a sixth school in Eastbourne.

SEC’s first two share offers, in August 2014 and March 2015, were each fully taken up in a matter of a few weeks, raising £575,000.

SEC has now raised a further £700,000 in its third share offer, which also qualifies for EIS relief, to enable it to continue its work.  EIS relief is to be withdrawn for shares issued on or after 30th November, so shares under this share issue will be issued before that cut off date; and this share issue seems likely to be one of the last opportunities there is for members to receive EIS relief on their investment in supporting community energy.

Advance assurance that the SEC share issue qualifies under the EIS has been received and EIS certificates have already been distributed to members in relation to the first two share offers.  EIS relief entitles members to a credit against their income tax liability equal to 30% of the amount they invest in SEC.

SEC has applied to pre-register to install solar panels on more than 50 schools.  Pre-registration, if granted, entitles SEC to install the solar panels up to 30th September 2016 and receive the rate of Feed-in tariff available on 30th September 2015, even if the FIT is subsequently reduced or removed (as the Government has indicated that they intend to do).

SEC was originally launched in August 2014 to raise the funds to install its flagship 150kW array of solar panels at Glenleigh Park Primary Academy in Bexhill, East Sussex (see banner pictures).  This is one of the largest community owned school solar system in the country.  SEC raised £150,000 and borrowed £50,000 to finance this installation which is already trading successfully and which generated more than 150,000kWh of renewable electricity in the last 12 months, significantly reducing Glenleigh Park’s electricity consumption.  Electricity exported from that school is sold by SEC to Co-operative Energy and members can buy their electricity from that school by subscribing to Co-operative Energy’s “user chooser” scheme.  We intend to seek make that facility available to members at our other larger generating sites.

The aims of Schools Energy Co-operative are:
to generate renewable energy, helping tackle energy security and climate change;
to support its member schools financially and in their educational and sustainability work;
to provide co-op members with an ethical environmental investment, enabling them to make a tangible contribution to the development of renewable energy and mitigation of climate change.

Members receive an attractive return on their investment, anticipated to start at about 5% when in the first full financial year following installation of the panels and to increase at least by inflation during the lifetime of the business.

The Co-op’s panels will be in action every day on the roofs of schools generating electricity and making a difference to these schools and to the environment.

As a co-operative all our members are important to us and all our members are equal.

Note: You should always consider the risks before investing and you should consider taking appropriate financial and other advice before making your decision.

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