Quotes from our Schools

Courthouse Junior School:

Gerry Heynes, Head Teacher

“At Courthouse Junior School we work hard to put the environment at the heart of what we do. We are very proud to have been awarded the Silver eco-school award and working with The Schools Energy Co-operative and 10:10 is key to moving towards gaining the gold eco-school award.

Not only will this project help us to generate our own clean renewable energy which helps us to cut our carbon emissions and our electricity bills but the income generated from the project will help pay for future environmental projects for the school and popular eco club.”

Amy Cameron, 10:10 Solar Schools campaign manager

“Courthouse Primary raised a phenomenal amount of money as part of the Solar Schools project. By marrying their efforts up with the excellent Schools Energy Cooperative, they’ll be able to install a rig that will seriously boost their budget over the next 20 years. But more than that, investors will be supporting a project that the whole Courthouse community has been part of – from Y3′ pupils to cake bakers (and eaters!) to the local rugby club.

It feels like the UK could be on the cusp of a locally owned, low carbon future, and projects like this are leading the way!”