Share Offer Update

Good news! Whilst our share offer was open two schools in Poole, and schools in Ipswich and Ealing have agreed to have solar  panels and join the Co-op.  So we have increased the amount to be raised by this share offer to £650,000.  More schools are also currently considering our offer to install solar panels for them.  So far this summer we have installed solar panels on five schools in Ealing and one in Cambridgeshire.  Solar panels are due to be installed on two schools in Ealing and a children’s hospice in October; with three more schools scheduled for an installation later this year.

As more schools agree to join the Co-op and have solar panels installed we will increase the sum we are seeking to raise. At present the share offer remains open but is only being promoted in a low key way and our plan is to resume active promotion in 2019 once the number of new schools is clearer.


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