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The Co-operative now has arrays on over 62 schools across the country. 

The Schools’ Energy Co-operative installs community funded solar panel systems on schools free of charge as well as paying all its profits to its member schools.  As a social enterprise, we are dedicated to supporting our school members and providing an alternative to the prevailing commercial rent a roof or leasing model. Central to this is our aspiration to retain as much as possible of the benefits for the schools, their students and the surrounding communities.  We also provide educational support to our schools and work with the schools and local community groups to maximise the environmental, educational and community impact of the solar installations.

Schools’ Energy Co-operative was originally launched in August 2014 to install its flagship 150kW array of solar panels at Glenleigh Park Primary Academy in Bexhill, East Sussex.  This is still one of the largest community owned school solar systems in the country. 

If your school is interested in installing solar panels we can arrange a survey and initial inspection by trusted and experienced installers, manage the installation (in partnership with your school) and provide the finance and all the relevant legal documents.  This way we ensure that your school gains the maximum environmental, community and financial benefit at no cost to the school. 

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Information about the Coop

Members icon520 members
Directors icon6 Directors, each of whom carry out roles that deliver specific support to the benefit of the Co-op
Management iconThe Board appointed Energy4All to carry out the day-to-day management & administration of the Co-op
Profits iconOur aspiration to retain as much as possible of the benefits for the schools, their students and the surrounding communities
Production icon52 schools combined capacity of 2MW


Our Schools

Our Schools

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