Our Track Record and Approach

Our Approach to providing schools with renewable energy 

Schools Energy Co-operative is based on the model of the highly successful Wey Valley Solar Schools Co-operative which originally launched in 2011.

What we do………….

for the Community……
For schools (and any corporate supporters) this scheme takes community engagement to the next level.  It delivers tangible benefits that will have a ripple effect as children take their experiences home with them.

for the Schools…………
The purpose of The Schools Energy Co-op is to make more solar pv projects happen on schools.  We endeavour to make the whole process as simple, transparent and fair for the schools as we can.

Our primary goal is to support schools and their community. Investors are provided with a fair interest return but no one profits at the school’s expense. The Co-op exists to enable its member schools successfully to install renewable energy and to support them in their environmental, educational and community work. It is not purely a financial arrangement.

We do things properly and we don’t cut corners.  For instance, we will undertake and pay for the necessary structural and electrical surveys prior to installation.

If at all practicable we will ensure that at least one part of the array is highly visible to students. We will install educational monitors showing generation and link the data to the school’s intranet.

for the Environment …
Schools can make a massive reduction in their carbon footprint and demonstrate leadership in their community. The biggest solar panel system financially feasible will be installed, maximising environmental benefits, use of roofs and long term financial returns to the School.